Üçer has performed various services for Govermental Institutions as MHA, MONE, Bank of Provinces, SHW, GDYS, AWSA, IWSA, IPCU, SSM, STM, HAVELSAN and Foreign-owned Projects as World Bank, European Investment Bank, Islamic Development Bank, European Regional Development Fund and United Nations Development Programme continously as mentioned below.

  • Design of Technical Municipal Infrastructures Including Dams and Transmission Lines,
  • Mass Housing Projects,
  • Inspection of Design and Implementation of Special Projects,
  • City Planning and Project Development,
  • Consultancy Services for Mass Housing Projects, Healthcare Facilities,>
  • Educational Facilities and Construction Supervision of Similar Structures,
  • Multi Disciplinary Projects (Land Consolidation, Regional Development Projects etc.),
  • Master Planning, Feasibility Studies and Project Development,
  • Evaluation of Buildings for Earthquake Resistance and Retrofitting Design
  • Construction Supervision of Retrofitting Construction.
  • Microzonation for Hazard Vulnerability Studies, Land Use Planning for Disaster Mitigation in Earthquake Regions.

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