ÜÇER Construction and Trade Company was established in 1982, being the first firm of three Civil Engineers,Güner TOPUZ, Şerafettin DOĞAN and Osman ÖZTEKİN. ÜÇER Consultant Engineering Inc. was founded in 1990, by the joining Mustafa SAYAR to the shareholders.

ÜÇER Consultant Engineering Inc. is a member of Multi disciplinary ÜÇER GROUP and was founded in 1990 as an expert firm in technical consultancy services.

ÜÇER has a branch office in İstanbul, in addition to head office in Ankara, acting in good coordination. Total number of staff at ÜÇER Group 121; with J.V. total number of staff is over 150.

ÜÇER has developed office, equipments and computer hardware and software for a better knowledge transfer between different professional staff. ÜÇER usually Cooperates with Universities’ academic staff for consultancy according to their professionals.

ÜÇER had established new firms and joint ventures to be able to serve a wide area of services. ÜÇER Group is continuing its activities in two (2) companies and three (4) joint ventures nowadays.

Today namely they are;


ÜÇER Consultant Engineering Inc.(1990)

- Consulting and Design of Infrastructures and Buildings.
- Preparation of Master Plans and Feasibility studies.

TUNA / ÜÇER J.V. (1987-2000)

ENVY / ÜÇER J.V. (2004-2006)

ÜÇER – ALTER J.V. (2002-2012)

- Design of Water Supply System for Various Regions of Istanbul Grater Municipality Service Area (ISKI).
- Design of Wastewater, Storm Water and Wastewater Treatment Plants for ISKI.

ÜÇER / KAYHAN J.V. (2006-2012)

ÜÇER-KAPTAŞ J.V. (2008-2012)

- Consultancy Services of 3804 Housing Units, Social facilities, housing for homeless children, rehabilitation centers, school buildings, Rize State hospital with 250 beds, (Psychology and Nurse Desases) with 200 beds, Sakarya-Adapazarı state hospital with 400 beds, Rize – Pazar state hospital with 150 beds, infrastructure of both in and out of parcel lot, during construction period and during liability period.

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